Our EV Charging Solutions

Are you looking for workplace, fleet or commercial EV charging? We have a wide choice of fast (7 – 22 kW) and rapid/ultra-rapid (43 – 350 kW) EV charging solution packages and funding options available. Our solutions are tailored to your business needs for maximum value.

We offer 100% renewable energy to our customers and combined package with solar. You can generate extra revenue by opening your EV charge points to the public and create a private system for staff and fleet.

Improve your corporate social responsibility and offer ‘better charging’ by working with a sustainable EV charging company.


Our Electric Car Charging Points for Businesses



  • Single or double AC socket (Universal Type 2 socket)
  • Charging power from 3.7 to 22kW
  • European built and rigorously tested
  • Load balancing option
  • Colour screen with logo upload



  • Range of DC and AC socket options (up to four), with ability to
    simultaneously rapid charge two vehicles at once
  • Charging power from 75kW to 300kW
  • Full power capacity even at lowest vehicle battery voltage (300V)
  • Scalable power due to hyper-charger power stack concept
  • Contactless payment enabled



  • Dual DC socket
  • Up to 50kW charging power
  • Award-winning, slim design
  • Liquid cooled – low wear, longer life
  • Contactless payment enabled



  • Best in class online Portals and App
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Trained Installers

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