Our EV Charging Solutions

Whether you need fast charging (7 – 22 kW) or rapid/ultra-rapid charging (43 – 350 kW) we can offer you a wide choice of EV charging solution packages and funding options. All our packages come with a connection to our industry-leading Operator Portal for managing EV charging networks, a charge point management service guaranteeing increased up-times, and a 24/7 customer helpline.

Our Driver Portal and App allow access to our charging network either as a registered customer or a guest user, and we support a variety of straight forward payment methods, including contactless payment on selected hardware.

Our Offer

  • Car parks and on-street EV charging
  • Wide range of fast and rapid charge points
  • 100% renewable energy to our customers
  • Fully funded, part funded or full ownership packages
  • Generate additional revenue with EV charging


Our current UK projects include delivering on-street public EV charge points in urban areas as well as public charge points in rural areas.


Our Public EV Charging Stations



  • Single or double AC socket (Universal Type 2 socket)
  • Charging power from 3.7 to 22kW
  • European built and rigorously tested
  • Load balancing option
  • Colour screen with logo upload



  • Range of DC and AC socket options (up to four), with ability to
    simultaneously rapid charge two vehicles at once
  • Charging power from 75kW to 300kW
  • Full power capacity even at lowest vehicle battery voltage (300V)
  • Scalable power due to hyper-charger power stack concept
  • Contactless payment enabled



  • Dual DC socket
  • Up to 50kW charging power
  • Award-winning, slim design
  • Liquid cooled – low wear, longer life
  • Contactless payment enabled



  • Best in class online Portals and App
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Trained Installers

Find Out More

Framework Agreements for Electric Vehicles

Some public sector bodies may be eligible to utilise existing public framework agreements depending on their geographic location. These frameworks aim to save time and costs on tendering processes.

In partnership with Joju Solar, we provide a fully funded solution on the Central Southern Regional Framework for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Hampshire, Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire. If you would like to join this framework, find out more here or contact us.

Kent County Council via KCS Professional Services have created a National Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of Electrical Vehicle Charging Point and Associated Services. We are a preferred supplier for electric vehicle and bus charging on this Framework, which is accessible to all public sector bodies. Through the Framework, Gronn Kontakt can provide a fully funded solution for public sector bodies to roll out charging infrastructure across their property portfolio. The associated Services also allow Gronn Kontakt to provide a holistic solution, including Solar PV and Battery Storage solutions. Find out more here or contact us.