Gronn Kontakt public charging stations price information.

Standard prices* across our public network

Fast chargers

Up to 22kW: £0.20 connection fee + £0.30/kWh

Rapid chargers

From 50kW: £0.50 connection fee + £0.39/kWh


Chichester District Council

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.96 connection fee + £0.18/kWh

South Holland District Council

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.30/kWh


Some charge points will have an overstay fee applied after a grace period when a vehicle is connected and not charging. When selecting a charge point in the App or Driver Portal click on ‘More details’ to find out more.

Overstay fees:

  • Charge points up to 22kW: £0.05/min (8am-8pm).
  • Charge points from 50kW: £0.20/min


Allstar One Electric card holders are now welcome to use our public charge points. Follow the instructions on the charger to charge your vehicle with your Allstar One Electric Card.