Gronn Kontakt public charging stations price information.

Standard prices* across our public network

Fast chargers

Up to 22kW: £0.50 connection fee + £0.30/kWh.

Rapid chargers

From 50kW: £0.80 connection fee + £0.40/kWh.


Chichester District Council

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.96 connection fee + £0.18/kWh.

South Holland District Council

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.30/kWh


Some charge points will have an overstay fee applied after a grace period when a vehicle is connected and not charging. When selecting a charge point in the App or Driver Portal click on ‘More details’ to find out more.

Overstay fees:

  • Charge points up to 22kW: £0.05/min (8am-8pm).
  • Charge points from 50kW: £0.20/min