At Gronn Kontakt, we like to make things easy for you, this is why we give you the choice to charge your vehicle as a guest user or by registering on our network. You can charge your vehicle at public charge points using the 2 methods below.

How to charge at Gronn Kontakt public charge points?

Using the Gronn Kontakt App and the Driver Portal

Download our App on the App Store or the Google Play Store by clicking on the icons below.


Or access the Driver Portal here or via the top menu of the Gronn Kontakt website.

You then have the choice to charge as a guest user or a registered user on both the App and the Driver Portal:

  • Guest user: You do not need to sign up. Click on ‘Find a charge point’, select the charge point you wish to charge at and add your card payment details and email address, a receipt will be sent to you following your charge.
  • Registered user: Click on ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions in the App/Driver Portal. As a registered user you will have access to your charging history, monthly billing and much more. Your log in details will work across the App and the Driver Portal.

Why register with us?

When you register with us, you get access to:

  • Charge points map with new charge points added regularly
  • Live availability
  • Filter by charging speed and location
  • Bookmark your favourite charge points
  • Start and stop a charge
  • Access to your charging history
  • Pay monthly: securely add and save your payment card details and get billed monthly

Charge card/tag

We will make these available once we rebrand in early 2021. You will then be able to order a charge card/tag through our new website.



Standard prices* across our public network:

Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.50 connection fee + £0.30/kWh.

Rapid chargers (from 50kW): £0.80 connection fee + £0.40/kWh.


  • Chichester District Council: Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.96 connection fee + £0.18/kWh.
  • South Holland District Council: Fast chargers (up to 22kW): £0.30/kWh.

Some charge points will have an overstay fee applied after a grace period when a vehicle is connected and not charging. When selecting a charge point in the app or Driver Portal click on ‘More details’ to find out more.

Overstay fee:

  • Charge points up to 22kW: £0.05/min (8am-8pm).
  • Charge points from 50kW: £0.20/min

How To Find Public EV Charge Points

Consult the App or the Driver Portal to see our charge points network.

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