Welcome To Gronn Kontakt

We are an electric vehicle charging company owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy generator and a global player in sustainable, clean energy. Statkraft is a Norwegian state-owned utility company, committed to play a leading role in the development of renewable energy.  In the UK since 2006, Statkraft operates renewable production facilities such as hydro-power, onshore wind, solar, and provides grid and energy services as well as electric vehicle services.

Sustainable electric vehicle charging network

Gronn Kontakt UK has been established in March 2020 following an acquisition of Vattenfall InCharge and is part of a network of European EV services companies owned by Statkraft including 1 in Norway and Sweden and 2 in Germany.

Influenced by Statkraft’s commitment to a better future, our aim is to offer sustainable electric vehicle charging and become a carbon neutral company. We take sustainability in consideration in everything we do from choosing suppliers to offering 100% renewable energy to our customers.

EV expertise

In addition to our experience in the UK, we benefit from 10+ years of experience in the Nordics through our sister company Gronn Kontakt Norway, currently ranked in the top 2 electric vehicle charging network in Norway.

EV Charging Experience

European Presence

Sustainable Ambition