Our ambition is to become a European leader in sustainable EV charging.

Charging with us

It’s easy to charge with us, you either become a registered user or you can charge as a guest user via the Gronn Kontakt App or Driver Portal. Find out more here.

Our services

We work with businesses and local authorities of all sizes to provide:

  • Public EV charging – on street, in car parks, and on-route on both public and private land
  • Business EV charging –working with businesses of all types and sizes to offer charging for fleet, employees and/or customers
  • Renewable energy portfolio – a full solution combining solar, energy supply, battery storage, peak energy management and electric vehicle charging

Our brand is changing

Whilst Gronn Kontakt UK Ltd will remain our legal entity, we will introduce a new brand name and visual identity to fit our vision, sustainable background and European ambition. We look forward to revealing our new brand and website soon!