Our ambition is to become a European leader in sustainable EV charging.

We are active in Norway (2009), Germany (2012), Sweden (2019) and have brought our expertise to the UK & Ireland to create an easier EV charging experience.

Our services

  • Public EV charging – on street, in car parks, and on-route on both public and private land
  • Workplace EV charging –working with businesses of all types and sizes to offer charging for employees and/or customers
  • Renewable energy portfolio – full solution combining solar, energy supply, battery storage, peak energy management and electric vehicle charging

Our brand is changing

While Gronn Kontakt UK Ltd will remain our legal entity, we will introduce a new brand name and visual identity to fit our vision, sustainable background and European ambition. We look forward to revealing our new brand and website soon.

To find out more about us and our upcoming plans, visit our FAQ section below.


  • Who is Statkraft?

    We are owned by Statkraft AS – a Norwegian state-owned company and Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. In the UK and Ireland since 2006, Statkraft is active in renewables Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), hydropower, onshore wind and solar.



  • Who is Gronn Kontakt UK?

    We are an electric vehicle charging business owned by Statkraft AS, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. We have recently entered the UK market and have acquired some of Vattenfall In Charge’s charging infrastructure and team. We bring together not only the knowledge and experience of the former Vattenfall InCharge team but also of our other e-mobility businesses in Norway, Germany, and Sweden; this combination enables us to offer the UK and Irish markets a full range of proven electric vehicle charging solutions suitable for local authorities and businesses of all sizes.

  • How can I access the Gronn Kontakt charging network?

    The Gronn Kontakt network in the UK is currently still under the Vattenfall InCharge brand, following our recent acquisition of part of the Vattenfall InCharge business. For the time being, our network can be accessed as before using the Vattenfall InCharge app available on App Store and Google Play, and/or existing InCharge charge cards. It is currently not possible to order new charge cards.

  • Why are we rebranding from Gronn Kontakt and what to expect?

    We are consolidating our different existing EV charging brands under a new one that will reflect our strong values and identity cross borders.

    We aim to complete our rebranding in the next 4 months. We will be developing a new visual identity that will be showcased across our new app, online portal, as well as our redesigned website, where we will offer the possibility to order new charge cards/tags. Our charge points will also be rebranded to reflect our new visual identity.

  • I am a former Vattenfall InCharge customer, will my charge card continue to work on your charging network?

    As communicated to you earlier by Vattenfall, your account has now been assigned to us at Gronn Kontakt. For the time being, you will still be able to charge your car using your existing InCharge card/tag or the InCharge app. Following our upcoming rebranding, we will introduce a brand-new app and charge card – we will notify all our existing customers when the time will come to transition to using the new app and / or charge card. We will also update our website accordingly at this time, so stay tuned for further announcements!

  • I am experiencing a technical issue on one of your charge points, what shall I do?

    Please follow the instructions on the charge point or call our customer service on 0330 055 24 56.


    To contact us, email [email protected] we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.